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Founded 1960

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About our children's ballet program:

The beginning levels are the most important in building a strong foundation for safe, injury-free training in the later years. It is the goal of Hayden School of Ballet to provide the very best pre-dance and classical ballet training. At our studio, children's classes are desgned for young children ages three to twelve. A friendly and nurturing staff, limited class enrollment ensuring individual attention, and carefully planned syllabi in accordance with the student's physical and emotional development provide a rich movement experience that encourages an understanding and love of dance. Our commitment to creating a secure, professional environment will allow your child to grow in strenth, coordination, and confidence.

Creative Dance:

Our three- and four-year-old class gives your child, through the joy of movement, a chance to develop body awareness and an enthusiasm for dance. The creative dance curriculum incorporates storytelling, music, dance, and props in a fun-filled class that encourages motor-skill development, musicality, rhythm, and social interaction while stimulating your child's creativity.


This class, designed for the five- to six-year-old student, incorproates creative movement with introductory basic ballet vocabulary, rhythmic fundamentals, and spatial awareness, providing the aspiring dancer with the skills to develop discipline, strength, grace, coordination, and musicality. Recommended for the budding ballet dancer!

Beginning Ballet:

Beginning ballet classes are offered for ages seven to twelve. These are the years when children's bodies are ready to begin the demanding technical exercises of classical ballet. Attention, personal discipline, and effot is required to master the correct posture, gestures, and movements of the basic ballet vocabulary. Two levels allow your child to progress through a carefully planned syllabus that gradually increases technique, stamina, and artistry. Along with hard work, teachers also foster enthusiasm and joy for dance. Beginning-level instruction is a wonderful way to enter into the magical world of ballet!


Beginning Ballet I:

Beginning Ballet I classes are for the seven- to eight-year-old student eager to continue her/his dance training. Class introduces young students to a ballet vocabulary of movement at the barre and in the open floor. Expanding on the knowledge and skills acquired in pre-ballet, classes emphasize building strength and encouraging natural flexibility.


Beginning Ballet II:

Beginning Ballet II classes are for the nine- to twelve-year-old. This class continues training the young dancer in the executation of basic ballet vocabulary. Etiquette, physical potential, musicality, and artistry are fostered.


Hayden School of Ballet believes in the importance of developing all disciplines of dance. Although ballet technique is the foundation, we offer jazz instruction for ages eight through twelve. Jazz I and II provide instruction of jazz fundamentals in an age-appropriate and fun class format that encourages the joy of movement.


Our creative dance and pre-ballet students are welcome to come to class attired as they, and their parents, wish. Once students begin the beginning ballet curriculum, young girls are expected to come to class in pink tights, a black leotard, and pink ballet slippers. Young boys are expected to come to class in a white t-shirt and black dance pants with black ballet slippers.





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